How to Crack Accounts


DATE: Feb. 14, 2020, 4:33 a.m.

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  1. What you will need :
  2. • Storm (A free cracking program that runs entirely on donations. Currently my favorite along with the famous SENTRY MBA.)
  3. • Storm configs, many can be found on certain websites. .I will list a config repository made by a friend later
  4. • Combolist/Base. You can get these from certain cracking forums for free(low quality)or buy them from reputable combo sellers in said forums or even make your own if you do some research on Dorks,V3NOM and Sqlmap.I won't be going into details into that but there are many resources online on how to learn,you just gotta know where to look.
  5. Generally russians have the best sht so look there.
  6. • Antipublic(optional) This checks for % of private lists in your combo so if you're cracking something saturated you wouldn't want to waste time doing it with an already raped combolist.
  7. • Proxies,now if you're on this for the long run and want to make profit out of this you're gonna want to get HQ proxies to save you both time and frustration
  8. you can get those in,Proxyrack,Fineproxy,stormproxies and many more providers,just look around and try whatever you'd like
  9. And on the other hand if you're only doing this for fun and trying things out get some proxies online or using scrapping tools like uProxy, is a website example
  10. Keep in mind the difference between paid and public proxies is HUGE so if you got money to spend use it on proxies to help keep you sane and save A LOT of time.
  11. What you're gonna be doing :
  12. So you got a combolist,you got proxies and now want to start cracking.I hear ya fam
  13. Open Storm
  14. Choose the config you are wanting to use.
  15. Open up the Combo & Proxy tab and add the list of combos you have bought or "leeched" off forums
  16. Load up your proxies,some configs can work proxyless,it'll show up and you'll notice it
  17. Click home & click start. After you click start, look for a little robot right above it. There will be a button to the right of it that looks sort of like a circle. Click the button and change the number to around 50-100, depending on both your proxies quality,your computer specs you can up that number even higher
  18. You are now working on your first cracking session, go to the Stats & Lists section of Storm to see the progress.
  19. All "Hits" (Working accounts with subscriptions, ect) are saved in the Hits folder of Storm so you don't have to bother with saving anything
  20. Config list :
  21. Storm download :

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