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  1. The story behind the “blank card”
  2. There are different ways to cash out an ATM without damage it physically, but it all resumes to one thing A MALWARE, a little virus that can perform miracles.
  3. Although there are many people claiming they have the “blank card” for sell, they don’t even know what they are talking about and it’s obviously a scam.
  4. I worked for many years as a ATM engineer, meaning I know almost any ATM brand that exists in the World and a few of them from inside out.
  5. What I can tell you, is that most of the ATM’s run on windows so basically they are like your home computer, and like any computer if it gets infected depending on the intention, anyone can retrieve information from it, and the same happens with an ATM.
  6. So, the famous “blank card” contains a malware virus that exploit information from any windows running ATM.
  7. What REALLY happens?
  8. When you insert the “blank card” with the malware in the ATM it modifies automatically the front end software allowing you to access the cash through the options menu.
  9. Some Basic Technicalities
  10. Upon installation, the malware checks if the file system is FAT32 or NTFS. If it’s FAT32 it drops a malicious executable file in the C:\Windows\System32 directory, but if it’s NTFS, it will write the file in the NTFS data stream corresponding to Microsoft’s Extension for Financial Services (XFS) service. The XFS service is only present on ATM’s and provides a special API (application programming interface) that enables the software to communicate with the ATM’s option menu. The Malware modifies the legitimate XFS executable SpiService.exe and downloads its own malicious component, called netmgr.dll. With the card you can issue commands through the interface to dispense banknotes from the ATM’s internal cassettes.
  11. It can look complicated for someone unfamiliar with, but the malware does everything automatically. You just click the options, it’s pretty easy to cash out.
  12. This card doesn’t need any pin, no user account is required and you can cash out up to 40 bills at a time, basically you can empty an ATM and some ATM’s can hold up to $600,000.00 when the cassettes are completely full.
  13. All this information is provided in much more detail in my manual, such as brands and types of ATM’s you can exploit with the “blank card”.
  14. A step by step guide to cash out with success!!!
  15. To buy the blank card with the Malware installed + Manual over 250 pages with all information in detail. Contact:

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