Bacon date and goat cheese empanada


DATE: Jan. 4, 2019, 10:49 a.m.

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  1. ❤Bacon date and goat cheese empanada
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  4. I'm Lindsay: former 4th grade teacher, now full time blogger. Use about 1 teaspoon of cheese per date, depending on their size. Fast forward to a few months ago — I went to California and like I do with all my friends, I had the urge to make Bacon Wrapped Dates for a group of food bloggers.
  5. Notify me of new posts by email. Will have to try these. LOVE the idea of the blue cheese Ramona. My three favorite things in one. This is my prime baking trick. A good way to keep them from leaking is to use egg whites to help seal the empanadas, and it also helps to let them rest in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes before baking. This is a strange and wonderful feeling that I have met for the last 364 days and I am fully prepared to enjoy every hot Minnesota second of it. Love these little party poppers. WE HAVE A HOUSE. For these either sauteed or raw will work, the raw ones will cook, but will be a little bit crunchier. Your salty-sweet, melty-cheese loving mouth is going to love them like whoa.
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  7. You can't find authentic empanadas where I'm from so I was eager to try out 5411 Empanadas. Their flavors are very unique and it's fun to match the shape of the empanada to its picture on the paper guide to determine the flavors. I tried the mushroom, thyme and blue cheese which was good and had a strong thyme flavor. The Malbec beef, sweet corn, and chorizo and patatas bravas empanadas were okay, nothing I would get again. The bacon, date, and goat cheese empanada, though, was to die for. The goat cheese was warm and creamy, paired with the crunch of the bacon and the sweetness of the date made for an incredible flavor combination. Next time I would only order those empanadas. Make sure to add a cup of their chimichurri sauce which packs plenty of flavor. For some unique taste combinations, check out 5411 Empanada. This came as a food truck to an outdoor concert in Evanston. It was just super SLOW..... They prepared very few empanadas so kept crossing out the flavors they had left as customers were served. So, very sadly, only 1 flavor was left by the time they got to me. Not sure it's worth trying them again. They may have great flavors as some of the others sounded yummy, but it's way too much work to get served there. I came here to try their empanadas after reading many reviews here. I am not a Chicago resident, so it took me some time to find it but I did. I had not called in advance to order online--since it was my first time I wanted to see what they had to offer but the empanadas were nowhere to see except for their drawings in the menu. I ordered 3 different to go and all 3 were excellent along with the chimichurri although a bit burnt see picture. But the service was so, so, so poor that I will not come back here perharps order to deliver if they don't charge us a delivery fee... There was only 1 young person making everything at once: taking orders, responding the phone, cleaning up, all at once. She was kind but not especially organized. And then, I waited, and waited, and waited.... In fact, the people who ordered after me in line 4 empanadas were served first. I will assume that ordering in advance and having them delivered will work. To go there and just buy them..... These are the absolute best empanadas I've ever had in my life. They are baked not fried and the fillings are awesome. My favorite is the beef malbec. There is also an excellent chimichurri sauce that you will want to get a big container of. It goes well with all of the empanadas and is great with other dishes at home as well. What a great little find. I love the simplicity of the menu and the beautiful shapes of all the empanadas. My favorite is the goat cheese, bacon and date! Elizabeth is right, You will never want another empanada from anywhere else.

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