On communism


DATE: March 3, 2013, 7:48 a.m.

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  1. 15 year member of CPUSA. What's up guys.
  2. Pisses me off to no end to read people's trite "looks good on paper" dismissals that they heard their ignorant fucking parents spout in post cold-war USA.
  3. It's a simple concept - working is what's important, thus, if you aren't working, you don't get the rewards. Ownership economy is broken.
  4. The only people who have a rightful complaint with a communist system, are the few people who own vast tracts of land, or millions of dollars worth of buildings that they want to sit back and earn endless free money with.
  5. If you get rid of those people sucking up literally like 98% of the wealth in a country, and you democratize what they own in logical, apportioned ways, you can experience a lot of growth and a better median of happiness for more people.
  6. Did it work in Soviet Russia? No, they were poor, lacked a good amount of warm water ports, and were constantly engaged in wars, cold and hot.
  7. Did it work for China? Well, honestly, precommunist China vs. post communist china, you can't really compare the level of prosperity, they are shitloads better off now. "Ohhh but they are more capitalissstt nowwww1!!!one!" - no, they still have government subsidized businesses which is why they BURY us in manufacturing.
  8. Cuba? Well, without a decades long superpower embargoing them from next door, they might have done better, but who knows?
  9. What about the USA? It would work great here, we have tons of land and if we control immigration a little better and start using it logically instead of greedily, we could probably enjoy an awesome future.
  10. I just don't understand the obsession people have with wanting to live an entire life with their happiness at the whimsy of those who own a shitload of money they inherited.

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