How To Extract Combos (Email:Pass) From Any Text File

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DATE: Oct. 13, 2021, 6:42 p.m.

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  1. So this tutorial is about extracting email:pass from any mixed combo list text file which contains Captures and other useless information.
  2. For example if the text file is like this 60, we can extract Email:Pass from this.
  3. Only works for Email:Pass not User:Pass
  4. Requirements: Python 3
  5. First install Python 3 from 18 and make sure to select “Add python to PATH” option while installing.
  6. Now download the from…Combo-Extractor 52 and unzip it anywhere.
  7. Copy your combo list file that you want to extract combos from and paste it in the unzipped location.
  8. Open the folder location and now open command window here (SHIFT + Right Click).
  9. Now type:
  10. python [Your combolist file name].txt [Extracted Combo file name].txt
  11. Example:
  12. python combo.txt extracted.txt
  13. If it doesn’t work use “python3” instead of “python”.
  14. Images: 31, 11
  15. There will an empty line created at the top in the extracted file, make sure to remove that. 11
  16. Note: Don’t forget to add .txt to both file in the command window
  17. Source: nulled
  18. Happy learning!

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