The Dunning-Kruger effect


DATE: Sept. 19, 2022, 2:40 p.m.

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  10. World of Warcraft is real, I swear! You're just jealous that you aren't l337...AFC n00b. I am so going to pwn you with my AMOG tactics.
  11. Sometimes creating weird products is the right move for marketers
  12. For one, there's a market for it, so why not feed and nourish it? Secondly, grounded, simple advice on how to get better with women often isn't sexy or profitable. Now something that seems like it contains exotic, esoteric insights, or secret high-technology of the human mind may move some units. It has that magic bullet appeal to it. It seems fresh and like something a guy hasn't come across before. Who cares if it's actually going to make many of its customers more interpersonally inept than they were already? Third, sometimes the marketers are just loony themselves and creating new agey e-books comes naturally to them.
  13. Seriously, buy my 30 disc DVD set.
  14. Guys are often so enthusiastic about discovering the Community they don't properly screen what they come across
  15. I remember first discovering the Seduction Community while in the depths of my own desperation and hopelessness. The first few pieces of advice I was exposed to were so earth shattering to my romantically clueless mind, and its promises of effortless pussy so appealing, that my attitude quickly became, "Holy crap! The Seduction Community is awesome!!! Everything it has to say is amazing!!! I've finally found my salvation!!!" This is another way my normally reliable critical thinking skills took a break. Too bad some of the subsequent information I came across wasn't as good as the first stuff I read, and my mind wasn't awake enough to filter it out.
  16. You mean the apocalypse opener isn't going to get me laid?
  17. Some guys are so grateful to finally be a part of something they don't properly screen the Community's weird concepts
  18. This point is saying the same thing as the last one. Besides from potentially being a savior from a life of virginity, the Community sometimes appeals to lonely guys by giving them at long last a, well, community to be a part of. They're not sitting around at home anymore, feeling like they can't relate to anyone. They're a member of this whole special underground culture now.

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