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DATE: Aug. 14, 2013, 3:41 p.m.

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  1. Watch R.I.P.D Online Free (2013) or Download R.I.P.D Movie Today : Universal has a pretty solid slate of action films due out this year, but now it looks like three of them will be undergoing some changes. New reports have surfaced saying that the Ryan Reynolds-Jeff Bridges-starring comic book adaptation R.I.P.D. is being converted to 3D and that the release dates for both Kick Ass 2 and 2 Guns will be moving around.
  4. Deadline, which first reported all of the above news, says that R.I.P.D., which is directed by Robert Schwentke, will actually be able to stick with its July 19th release date. The film is about a cop (Reynolds) who is murdered and becomes a detective in the afterlife for an undead police department. Teaming up with a cowboy out of the old west (Bridges), the cop hunts for the man who killed him. Of the three movies, Kick Ass 2 is getting the biggest push of all, as it will be moving from June 28th to August 16th.
  5. Download RIPD Movie Free (2013) or Watch RIPD Online Today : On the earlier date the comic book adaptation was going to be going up against another action comedy, The Heat, as well as White House Down, so it's move to a date where the only competition is the R-rated comedy The To-Do List and the family fantasy film Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. The sequel brings back Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Finally there's 2 Guns, which is by far the strangest part of the report. 2 Guns is now scheduled to be in theaters on August 2nd, the same weekend as both Red 2 and 300: Rise of An Empire. Presumably one of those titles will be moving before the week actually arrives.
  6. watch R.I.P.D. Online.try of super secret heavenly police officers (one previous and bitter, the opposite young and brazen) UN agency go in the shadows and have back alley confrontations with weird wanting alien creatures, who’s ‘soul’ purpose is to guard the unsuspecting civilization from the celestial war happening right below their noses. They even have a MIB headquarters complete with random whacko wanting creatures walking around in handcuffs. the sole fun twist I detected was that to the remainder of the civilization, Bridges and Sir Joshua Reynolds appearance utterly in contrast to themselves. Bridges being a brilliant hot blonde ANd Sir Joshua Reynolds being an previous Chinese guy. Oh, I conjointly like that they’re untouchable and stuff.

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