Your ex spouse thriving without you.


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  8. I took up martial arts when I was single and meeting a few real creeps (and worse) in my romantic life. I had learned from bad experience how unprepared I was for any sort of physical confrontation. Karate helped me develop confidence on many different levels.
  9. I joined the local volunteer fire fighters because our house is in a very vulnerable area - the 'flame zone' in a neighbourhood designated fire prone due to its proximity to tens of thousands of acres of national park. MB set up and now heads the volunteer unit in our area. So my participation is partly about looking after us and partly about supporting him. Very pragmatic.
  10. I don't like driving but I have a car and driver's licence. Our house is too far away from public transport to be without one.
  11. I have a job, not a career, these days. I work part time but because of the skills I honed in a large corporate environment I am fairly well paid for the hours I put in. I work from home so I do 90% of the domestic chores being as I don't have the commitments or the commute time that MB does.
  12. And I'll never be totally submissive. That just won't happen. I like teasing the man too much and he doesn't hate it either.
  13. Maddy
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