Love and lust.


DATE: March 30, 2022, 2:11 p.m.

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  9. I've never been physically punished, can't even imagine what awful thing I could do to warrant such measures. (An affair? Street drugs? Pretty much things I would never do, anyway!) I have had a lecture or two, and have had my spending curtailed, and that works for me. The disappointed look and stern voice – yup that works for me.
  10. I don't really get the spanking thing some other Taken In Hand folk like, but that is probably because I avoid pain as much as possible. I can see it as sexual, I can see it as being cathartic, and I can even see it when trying to overcome a bad habit that nothing else seems to help. I've also seen grown women – and men – throw tantrums like a two year old, and I thought maybe they ought to be spanked!
  11. But pain, giving or receiving, makes me feel rather sick to my stomach. Not sexy at all. SM, I'm not.
  12. Do I feel like a servant or slave? Not at all. I do take care of the house, kids, pretty traditional stuff, but I'm good at that and enjoy it. And it is appreciated and rewarded. I see myself more as being treated like a princess, cared for, protected, loved, cherished.
  13. Bramble
  14. You never know what works..
  15. In many cases I am very similar to this writer. Gary is well aware that the biggest punishment he could ever give me is to say he is disappointed in something I have done or said. That would absolutely crush me and I would be good as gold as an outcome.

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