How to buy or sell Bitcoin for dummies


DATE: Nov. 13, 2013, 5:49 a.m.

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  1. How to buy or sell bitcoin as simple as possible, using as a means of payment than the more common (bank transfer, PayPal, paysafecard, liberty reserve, skrill ...)
  2. - Register to with your real personal details. Download their wiever, open it and login with your avatar.
  3. - Open the browser and visit this link, then click visit this location
  4. - Once you have entered this land, you will find a couple of signs reading "buy L $" or "sell L $", click it and open the link that will generate, register and enter your real personal details. You will receive an email with your password, you make your first login to the site VirWoX. Next, connect your avatar to the ATM, then click sull'atm and follow the simple procedure. Do not make mistakes, otherwise your account will be suspended!
  5. - Are you ready to buy and sell bitcoin! At this point you can also remove second life from your PC, all future operations from this point on, you can do on the site.
  7. - Log in to the site of VirWoX
  8. - Click on Deposit in the left column and stored with your preferred payment instrument.
  9. - Then click on EUR / SLL and change your euros in the Linden dollar.
  10. - Then click on BTC / SLL and convert your linden dollars in bitcoin.
  11. Now you're ready to take your wallet to pay or a seller, then click on picking up and enter your address btc or that of your vendor. You will receive bitcoin within 2 hours.
  13. - Log in to the site of VirWoX
  14. - Click on Deposit in the left column and send from your wallet to your address bitcoin that will be generated
  15. - Within 2 hours you will be credited to your bitcoin, then click on BTC / SLL and exchange your bitcoin in Linden dollars.
  16. - Then click on EUR / SLL and exchange your Linden dollars into euros.
  17. - Click on pick and pick whatever you want.
  18. I wish you a good forex transactions and enjoyment on second life!

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