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DATE: Dec. 14, 2021, 10:56 a.m.


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  1. Measuring video clip high quality at range is an essential element of the Netflix streaming pipe. Perceptual quality measurements are utilized to drive video encoding optimizations, execute video clip codec comparisons, accomplish A/B testing and also optimize streaming QoE decisions to point out a couple of.
  2. Particularly, the VMAF metric lies at the core of boosting the Netflix member's streaming video clip top quality. It has ended up being a de facto criterion for perceptual quality dimensions within Netflix as well as https://flotechtips.com/, thanks to its open-source nature, throughout the video market.
  3. As VMAF advances and is incorporated with more encoding and streaming operations within Netflix, we need scalable ways of cultivating video quality innovations. For instance, when we create a brand-new variation of VMAF, we require to successfully roll it out throughout the entire Netflix magazine of movies and TV shows. This short article explains how we created microservices as well as workflows on top of the Cosmos system to strengthen such video quality developments.
  4. Up until lately, video quality measurements were produced as part of our Reloaded manufacturing system. This system is responsible for refining incoming media data, such as video clip, audio and also subtitles, and making them usable on the streaming service. The Reloaded system is a well-matured as well as scalable system, but its monolithic architecture can slow down fast innovation.
  5. A lot more notably, within Reloaded, video high quality dimensions are produced along with video clip encoding. This tight combining implies that it is not feasible to attain the following without re-encoding:

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