I’m A Call You A Chubby Woman


DATE: March 3, 2022, 4:15 p.m.

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  8. Accounting Chick.
  9. After our date, neither if us text the other or hit each other up at all.
  10. In class the next week, I showed up suited down because of earlier engagements.
  11. She showed up to class while I was in the front picking up my homework. She smiled at me.
  12. Then she went and sat down. Not next to me time. In front of me.
  13. She turns around, “you look nice…”
  14. “Thanks. How u been?”
  15. “Good.”
  16. Short conversation. Frenemy (name coined by blackdude) shows up, sits next to me. We shake hands, say a casual “wasup” to each other.
  17. She turns around, “you shaved your beard!”
  18. Lol, dude had a big, gruffly looking beard the past few weeks and it was gone now. I didn’t even notice until she pointed it out.
  19. “Yeah, I had an audition, so I had to shave it..”
  20. Class starts.
  21. About halfway into class, she gets up and leaves, presumably to go to the bathroom.
  22. Then right after she leaves, the whole class gets a break.
  23. I’m in the hallway eating a protein bar, when she comes up to me, “what’s that? A protein bar? Good job.”
  24. We chat for a little bit, then go back into class.
  25. When class let’s out, she packs up her stuff and leaves while I’m chatting and exchanging phone numbers with Frenemy.
  26. Fast foward a few days.
  27. Valentines Day. She calls me. I answer.
  28. “Hey Willy Wonka, this is Accounting Chick… umm I was trying to do some tax stuff at work and I was trying to get into that one website from class, but its asking for a password…”
  29. “Yeah, its (password).”
  30. “Oh, okay. Thanks. Oh… and Happy Valentines!” She tries to say it all sweet.
  31. “You too.” I try to say it like I don’t give a fuck…
  32. Class the next day.
  33. Again I was suited down because of prior engagements.
  34. Me and Frenemy show up at the same time, “what you looking all GQ for?” He asks.
  35. We sit together.
  36. Accounting Chick shows up and I go to the front up pick up my homework, she does the same, and while up there she taps me on the shoulder and smiles.
  37. Frenemy, me, and the dude on the other side of me are discussing the homework. She turns around, “which one are yall talking about?”
  38. “Number 24.” I respond.
  39. “You know all of the answers are on the internet, huh?”
  40. “Oh, yeah, you just googled the answers?”
  41. “Yep. I know all of mine are right.”
  42. “Cool. Check mine for me.” I hand her my paper… I just wanted to make her do something.
  43. “Ok… I’m sure you probably got them all right though” she says and smiles. Frenemy giggles when she says this. But she does turn around and check my paper for me.
  44. She turns back and hands it to me…”Number 6 is wrong, it should be non-operating.”
  45. I change number 6 and turn it in.
  46. Class starts.
  47. Break time comes and we walk into the hall about the same time…
  48. “You’ve been wearing suits a lot lately, are you wearing them for something else? Or are you just wearing them for class.”
  49. I look at her like she’s stupid…”Yeah, I wear suits for class…” I say sarcastically, then I walk into the men’s room.
  50. Then, I hang out in the hall, talk to Frenemy and another dude for awhile.
  51. We go back into class. Then I realize my ring is in my pocket, so I go back to the bathroom to put my ring on (I have to use soap – skinny fingers, fat knuckles). Anyway, when I get back into the hall, she comes up to me…”Did I ask you a stupid question earlier? I’m sorry.”
  52. I laugh without saying anything. But this surprised me, wasn’t expecting an apology for a dumb question…
  53. At the end of class… we wind up getting out early… well, the option to get out early, or you can stay while the teacher goes over more problems. Frenemy stays. Accounting Chick leaves. I leave. While she’s packing up her stuff, she glances back to see if I’m leaving or not…
  54. She waits in the hall for me this time.
  55. I come out of class and she smiles at me. Then comes up to me, “do you think I could go out that door to get to my car? Normally I’ve been going that way and walking around. Do you think that’d be a shortcut?”
  56. “I don’t know. Let’s find out.” I grab her and lead her to the door.
  57. “Oooh! We’re going exploring!” She says.
  58. We get outside and find out you can indeed walk this way to get where she parks.
  59. “I parked far, so you’re giving me a ride to my car”
  60. “Okay, I can do that.”
  61. While we’re walking towards her car, she starts asking questions…
  62. “So, did you do anything big yesterday or just chilled?” (Referring to Valentines)
  63. “Just chilled.”
  64. “Did you have a Valentine?”
  65. I just look at her… “Damn, you’re Nosey.”
  66. “I am, huh? But, for real, do you have a special lady in your life? You probably do, huh?”
  67. “Why you say that?”
  68. “Because, you’re so handsome.”
  69. “It’s complicated.”
  70. Her eyes get big. She doesn’t know what to make of that…”Complicated? I like to keep my life simple, but there’s always people trying to make it complicated.”
  71. I have no idea what she’s talking about here… I just say something like “oh ok” or something.
  72. We get to her car. She gets pissed cuz she has a parking ticket. Lol. They finally got her ass for parking over here .
  73. We talk a little more as she drives me back to my car…”I would never let you walk this far…” she says.
  74. Then, when we get to my car, she says, “I’m going to be hitting you up… just to check up on you…”
  75. I snicker a little, “alright…”
  76. Then I hug her and leave.
  77. She may have been saying something when I was getting out of the car, but I just ignored her and closed the door….

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