Where is R6 Heading?


DATE: Sept. 15, 2021, 12:55 a.m.

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  1. Hey guys, I've played Rainbow Six Siege for multiple years, and I find it a great game! I like the game because of how competitive (Ranked) matchmaking is, and how the game never fails at suprising me. Many changes have happened this season, and I mean many. I've come back from a four month break, and have been amazed at the changes. The first thing I'd like to toss out there is that Ash is ruined, she's done really. She's not going to amount to what she used to be, rushing with the R4-C. Only the most experienced gunners and marksman can use the R4-C. The recoil pattern is annoying, as well as Zofia's AK. Her 762 is done for, as Ubi altered her recoil pattern. If you're using Zofia, just use the LMG. Melusi's gadget got nerfed, where you can shoot it within the proximity that it effects you at. Osa's deployable shield is helping ace, the hardbreach, by placing the sheild near a wall. Ace just throws his SELMA-Gadget, and if placed close enough, the ace charge will break the wall due to the destructive force from his SELMA. Alibi, a personal favorite, has a 1.5 on her MPX SMG. Jackal is said to get a rework, working as bloodhound from apex (Released pending rumor). The season is starting with a few weird transitions, and for some reason has Favela in the ranked map pool. It's a decent map, besides the fact that smoke waits a corner every single match with a shotgun waiting to take you out the game permanently. To top this off, I wonder what's going to be in the future for R6. My hope is that the R4-C gets its needed adjustment. Thanks for tuning in!

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