[How To] Get Free Bitcoins


DATE: Nov. 15, 2013, 10:21 a.m.

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  1. Here are the simple ways to get some free bitcoins.
  2. http://dailybitcoins.org/ (hourly giveaways, just enter your wallet address, solve a captcha, and repeat on the hour for free bitcoins)
  3. http://www.bitcoins4.me/ (hourly, sometimes doesn't work)
  4. http://www.faucetbtc.com/ (per 15 minutes, sending BTC in 48h, unverified)
  5. http://www.btc4you.com/ (get free BTC every 30 min)
  6. http://freebitcoins.me/ (1.5 uBTC every 30 minutes)
  7. http://www.freebitcoins.es/ (3 times per hour, if your request number is prime, you earn 5 times more - 50 uBTC!)
  8. http://www.thefreebitcoins.com/ (1.5 uBTC every 30 minutes)

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