Yes, Yogi Adityanath


DATE: Dec. 30, 2017, noon

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  1. Not even a week has passed since the 2G and Adarsh verdicts came out, and liberals in our country have already started blaming the government. They are now angry over the new bill being tabled in the Uttar Pradesh assembly, which seeks to withdraw over 20,000 cases against various politicians, including CM Adityanath.
  2. Focusing on negative news has become a big pastime for some people in our country. Be it the children dying in Gorakhpur, or some Union minister boasting about how BJP is here to change the Constitution of our country, the Baba-bhakts going on the rampage in Haryana, MLAs threatening to behead Bollywood actors, multiple train derailments or lynchings.
  3. This year has seen almost an endless supply of negative news against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his government.

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