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DATE: Nov. 24, 2021, 3:45 p.m.

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  15. However, 90% of the seduction community guys don't already have the necessary equipment that they need before they even think about attempting to pick-up decent women. Hence, why they have such a high failure rate, or end up sleeping with the women that no one else wants.
  16. Sometimes it seems like the gurus don't actually change anything for the guys who attend their bootcamps or talks - but they're damn good at making it seem like they've made a drastic change for the better in those guys; they're good at making it seem like the guy is finally getting results. Until that next "I was so close, BUT..." field report.
  17. Once again, it's a business. Many of the guys who join the seduction community, as smart and nerdy as they are, they're really naive. In other words, they're easily coerced into giving positive testimonials, even when there is no concrete change.
  18. If you really want to change someone, then you need to spend a lot of time with them personally, and not force them through a one size fits all system. Every guy is different, and you have to teach each one differently, depending on his personal circumstances.
  19. Maybe one day the instructors will actually take a vested interest in their students, BUT as long as money does the talking, I don't see that day coming.
  20. After you've been with someone over a long period of time, you don't ever truly get over them. I don't care how many women you sleep with after the fact, you don't get over an ex that you truly cared about.
  21. What you can do, is distance yourself until you learn to live with the fact that you aren't together. It's what I did. I shut my ex out cold until I learned to accept that it wasn't the smartest idea to ever be with her again.

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