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  1. 1. Create a profile that covers a very VERY broad spectrum, It's simple the less you write about yourself, the less chance of Pollbuzzer advertisers being interested in your answers. There are many cases of where people just throw their profile away and put in random data. But know this, once signed up, you CANT change your profile, so be sure to create a meaningful profile
  2. 2. Your answers have a effect on the amount of answers you will recieve, instead of choosing the ones that say none of the above or just one, try to choose an answer that will provide them with more than one. 2>1
  3. 3. Be patient! After a week or so, pollbuzzer will send you questions, as you start to answer, their system recognizes you as a regular answerer that wont miss out on opportunities to provide their clients with answers!
  4. I hope this method was satisfactory for you :P if not, well you still get questions and money so have fun.!

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