What is the big difference between Shared and Dedicated Web Hosting?


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  1. What is the big difference between Shared and Dedicated Web Hosting...?
  2. Hello Friends....
  3. I want to make an website but a little bit confused to purchase web hosting. I also not have much knowledge about web hosting and it's difference between Dedicated and shared. Can anyone tell me the better suggestion.
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  10. Hi,
  11. It depends on what are your requirements. If the website is small, you may choose the shared hosting. It is cheaper and full supported. The dedicated hosting is for big websites which uses many resources and generates much traffic. I suggest NextPointHost as a good provider. Their support is very helpful and will help you in in both cases.
  12. The big difference is that a dedicated server will allow you more customization with private hosting and security to your online data compared to a shared hosting. In shared hosting the data security is less as you have to share your disk space and bandwidth with other similar clients.
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  16. Shared hosting and dedicated hosting are completely different types of hosting services.
  17. A shared web hosting service refers to a web hosting service where many websites reside on one web server connected to the Internet. Each site "sits" on its own partition, or section/place on the server, to keep it separate from other sites.
  18. A dedicated hosting service is a type of Internet hosting in which the client leases an entire server not shared with anyone else.
  19. Choosing shared hosting or dedicated hosting totally depends upon your website requirement. If your website requires less space and not much traffic, you can choose shared hosting service. If your website requires more space and more traffic, you can choose dedicated server hosting.
  20. You can get best deals on both shared hosting service and dedicated server hosting service from TuckTail.com at low cost with 24/7 customer support. Good luck.
  21. When any business owner want to grow his online reputation then first of all he needs web hosting for website creation and maintenance on internet. Depending on business you can choose two web hosting services one is Shared Hosting and other is Dedicated Hosting.
  22. Difference between Shared and Dedicated Web Hosting: -
  23. Sites Hosted on the Server: In the Shared Web Hosting web Space is shared by the other users also means one server is hosted by many sites. Whereas In Dedicated Hosting a separate server is allotted by Web Hosting Providers not shared among others.
  24. Bandwidth or Disk Space: In Shared Hosting, the disk space and bandwidth is limited because it is also shared with other sites hosted on same server. You can get more space by costing more money in shared hosting if available. But in Dedicated whole bandwidth and disk space is allotted to you. No Partition in disk-space and bandwidth.
  25. Costs: Disk space and resources are shared between many hosts that's why total cost is very less that's why shared Web Hosting is very cheap Plan. Whereas in Dedicated Hosting you are fully dedicated for using the server and that's why it is costlier then shared hosting.
  26. Required Technical Skills: In Shared Hosting your security and maintenance is operated by Shared hosting Provider. But if you are using Dedicated server then you need Webmaster who knows the technical knowledge for managing and securing the server.
  27. Security: With Shared Web Hosting, security is the big issue because one server is shared by many users and virus, malware and spyware can attack on your site because of others. But in dedicated hosting you are fully dedicated to install and update the security programs so there is less chances of virus and malware.
  28. Blacklisting Of Website: In shared Hosting the chances of blacklisting or block by search engines crawlers is increased because of spamming techniques by other site holders which are sharing same server. In Dedicated server it doesn't happen until you don't do spamming techniques.
  29. Server Performance and Response Time: In Shared hosting the same resources are shared among more users. and sometime because of traffic overflow whole server response-time and speed goes slow. But in Dedicated server it does not happen. Because here you are single and you have space and bandwidth enough for your business.
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  34. It is really important to choose the right web hosting plan while starting a new website. There are main differences between shared and dedicated bandwidth space. In shared hosting, the amount of disk space and bandwidth you are allotted is limited, but in dedicated hosting, bandwidth and disk space is dedicated to you only so there is no sharing and no limitations on the amount of space available space.
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  36. A dedicated hosting plan means that your website is the only site hosted on the server. Bandwidth or Disk Space: With shared hosting, the amount of disk space and bandwidth you are allotted is limited because there are others sharing the server.
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  39. Shared hosting definitely most popular and in demand hosting plan as it is cheap and easy to manage. Mostly small business or start up with less amount to spend choose this hosting service. In simple words, it is like to share your apartment with others along with other facilities.
  40. It has it's own advantages
  41. Simple
  42. Affordable
  43. No complex setup process
  44. Disadvantages
  45. Less secured
  46. There’s more than one website on the same server
  47. You don’t have the full control over server or the performance
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  50. Dedicated server hosting like owning your own house with no sharing and complete privacy. All the resources belong to you now. You don’t share resources like CPU time and memory with anyone else, and there’s no one else’s accounts on your hosting.
  51. It's advantages
  52. Full control over server
  53. Completely security of data and information
  54. Great performance
  55. Disadvantages
  56. High costs
  57. Difficult to manage
  58. Higher responsibility


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