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DATE: Oct. 23, 2012, 6:53 p.m.

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  6. This share transfer agreement is dated October 22, 2012 between DOFFX, identified by gpg key fingerprint 9A9AD9CA29C8F1FB40AC46DDE23494FA64F5DA1 (“Doffx”), and SMICKLES, identified by gpg key id 96ACCA7C3B09EC61B0A6D7F9EA62D7CEB2450C3F (“smickles”).
  7. smickles is a free individual acting for the benefit of their self and the mutual benefit of the others involved in this agreement.
  8. Doffx is a free individual acting for the benefit of their self and the mutual benefit of the others involved in this agreement.
  9. smickles and Doffx found each other by way of the IRC channel #bitcoin-otc on freenode.
  10. gribble is the modified Supybot IRC bot which, among other things, reports the identity of Web of Trust users.
  11. Over the course of their adventures, smickles has acquired control over an amount of bitcoin and Doffx has acquired control over an amount of shares of S²CM.
  12. The Global Bitcoin Stock Exchange (“GLBSE”) is closing down. This means it is likely that action will need to be taken by the parties involved which is dependent on GLBSE
  13. So, it has come to this, that smickles has realized that it is better to part with an amount of bitcoin in order to acquire control over an amount of shares of S²CM. Likewise, Doffx has concluded that it is best to part with an amount of shares of S²CM in order to acquire control over an amount of bitcoin.
  14. The parties involved therefore agree as follows:
  15. smickles is reported by gribble to be identified in the Web of Trust as 'smickles' with the hotmask 'smickles!', gpg key fingerprint 96ACCA7C3B09EC61B0A6D7F9EA62D7CEB2450C3F, and bitcoin address 12NjnZTVeTJ3g5C7BqfS2aQ2rLkmwiqVz6.
  16. Doffx is reported by gribble to be identified in the Web of Trust as 'Doffx' with the hotmask 'Doffx!', gpg key fingerprint 9A9AD9CA29C8F1FB40AC46DDE23494FA64F5DA1, and bitcoin address 1Q9FavHENPK7sATGm8ebthxG9EhQmaamw2.
  17. As an officer of S²CM, smickles declares that no knowledge which is not freely and easily available to the general public has been used to value these shares. smickles uses the most recent S²CM financial report (which can be found at ) exclusively in the act of valuing these shares.
  18. smickles agrees to send 9.81 bitcoins to the address 1Q9FavHENPK7sATGm8ebthxG9EhQmaamw2 within one day of today.
  19. Doffx agrees to turn over full control and all benefits of 900 shares of S²CM to smickles at 23:59.
  20. Should the facilitation of this transfer of control require further actions on the part of Doffx, Doffx agrees to perform these actions within one week of the earliest day these actions are able to be performed.
  21. Should Doffx be unable to transfer control of these shares within the alloted time, Doffx will send 9.81 bitcoins to the address 1KHEAJ6H9Hv5Q1pHqT5VMzrm62GkyzvpLt within in one day of the last day of the alloted time to transfer control of these shares.
  22. Any time or date in or relating to this agreement is known to be in the timezone of Coordinated Universal Time.
  23. If any provision of this agreement is found invalid, void or unenforceable, that provision will be enforced to the maximum extent possible and the other provisions of this agreement will remain in full force and effect.
  24. No amendment, change, or modification to this agreement will be effective or enforceable unless the text of it is appended to the end of a copy of this agreement including any previous amendments, changes, or modifications, which is signed by all parties involved, and signed by all parties involved.
  25. Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this contract, or the breach of this contract, shall be settled by all involved parties meeting settling the dispute through mutual consultation. If a resolution has not been reached within seven days any involved party may seek binding internet arbitration at in accordance with the arbitration agreement. The arbitrator's decision shall be final and legally binding and judgment may be entered thereon.
  26. - -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE-----
  27. Version: GnuPG v1.4.11 (GNU/Linux)
  29. gpIQb2lQqVkUdHpMvpx5mzZ8XJTqFHwWf+Ot2ZrB68xmISTbQgwE1U7YJ3gURGW7
  30. hyxIA5W8+A+GdU/kL9u5kfK/irZhmxr/SckwHSpnvifagDSFruC9wquhYNZAF9kO
  31. 2Y7gotEwkK4T59Wbkrf6rbY17LvAvK7m5WEG1vG+J6/4pVDYRB6lgQgSLgBZTQq2
  32. Q0vl7eoliQ6b+QC87gRXxNkRsWtEi1pZyR3e/gNcy38cULrjKDAoEslCuVHzZWNF
  33. 5ed/CM+habXDrl8HVgyNpwR9HNgZsyB6B1J1Pneu6O4Y6S6PFR5KZN2ExRlOPprh
  34. Ha9m4uvVT+OOVkxZRmocRu+lkghVG8ZIi7bM7WPBJolvpmYvh1AgNGZG4av7/20S
  35. qFHWUm6/p9fAHdWUmNVriNWntYMQsHUD2qy4QfRyFQ5vMp8RuALb/6lfoIz3SDEn
  36. ClV2q6t6yxURiEMXlNzpUmzSB+twwuuSIa8sfzKmjdF1zRN0CZRun6qcMMBfPVd5
  37. c4PCLKyzFIYBNsTNZPMt6zYqZ/GZrn+yxYG2BfScZm8mmsMyQ/TISWMSjHMs/tU+
  38. hGIq4M2DKqtUsASuJmf0IYu0dv7+MW+YqMuFkdqmYj7Jx/b+Kw6z+OXDT2Ucog+B
  39. 5A+RpEtuq7BMNKQS0SLD
  40. =1LEK
  41. - -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----
  42. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE-----
  43. Version: GnuPG v1.4.12 (GNU/Linux)
  44. iQIcBAEBAgAGBQJQhubbAAoJEN4jSU+mT12h5wEQAIxfAatlDm5TAHpV8k590FPU
  45. BAd+L76joKEY5nrKpkbAfpb8N+yK54Ipo0Lx/lbAaLLqSinxQNg2bWWQn0i8fLiZ
  46. odCpfrWugXBXa2gvhysj6FxNQdLrH7z1249YzM57a4GdBaQcP2GLj9kAvRVuwovx
  47. fGJpA5defh4Eb3T6koTma6A+o4dnbIgqCd1FnJGwaF9ulxGvd/ra4uAhliw7i6mh
  48. TkLmU8w5O2pV+WKZbpO9N++Zcsc78OYyYfPbDmh6BbvjFE4OGLVH8P2A2QQUsKHg
  49. AUn7U8K1GTjjzZTKnOIMpFvFN2IiMX4aIUWhHK9CzlMXO7eCf3OJ6UpgQtDojM40
  50. MDalMFmVrevOt+MvMej1MeVtO/HabZqnoGSdhWdzSZaad9Oh3OHy842MvXMiI6SP
  51. bqefKBOtOLELUZElx/swduF/zkz97oNs8uTXhdzGy5nweffY7EDEDNV85Uq+9/cq
  52. oH8qQF54XnkguWEJiEi/CSHU9fzM5PoR5TLJie5fhikrbZ74acFKVQYGuhjfyKC8
  53. Wzwo3W6qSM+vc+wA4+RunIBSblMxnepay7XM5TgQt1sjlkefVzFKC8XLRq2kf3BV
  54. qbqfTWcwKmmGOUPoUBjKwQR/0JbDxhoYHUKGOJdafMX7f66wze6u1fQFgjY7c9xB
  55. pF1qcS0XrnM28PAMAzNS
  56. =yZ5v
  57. -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----

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