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  1. Originally Posted by Old Man Doom View Post
  2. Perhaps try some side-chain compression on the bass guitar, so that when the kick engages (i.e. 32nd note runs) it ducks the bass down...
  3. I have a pretty wide scoop between 50-60hz on my bass to hopefully free up some room for the bottom end but when i noticed that didn't really do much I muted the bass track all together and those thuds still dissapear on those faster runs... just kinda blend together I guess. I also have Trans-X shaping the low end of my kick track with a pretty decent attack as well but it still doesn't quite seem to push it through enough.
  4. Quote:
  5. Anything below 40hz is useless, so filter it out; it will only muddy the low end, especially on the faster kick runs. That "thump" is coming from around 50-70, so a boost in that area would help...
  6. I have a 24db/oct cut around 37hz and boost the shit out of everything below 60hz on my "out" mic, perhaps I could try raising that up somewhere closer to 80hz and see if that improves it but I'm thinking it may just muddy it up more considering I think most the punch hangs around 55. This ones kinda of a damned mystery to me.

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