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  1. Once upon a time . . . there lived a giant who had quarrelled with a very
  2. greedy wizard over sharing a treasure. After the quarrel, the giant said
  3. menacingly to the wizard:
  4. "I could crush you under my thumb if I wanted to! Now, get out of my
  5. sight!" The wizard hurried away, but from a safe distance, he hurled his
  6. terrible revenge.
  7. "Abracadabra! Here I cast this spell! May the son, your wife will shortly
  8. give you, never grow any taller than my own thumb!"
  9. After Tom Thumb was born, his parents were at their wits' end. They could
  10. never find him, for they could barely see him. They had to speak in whispers
  11. for fear of deafening the little boy. Tom Thumb preferred playing with the
  12. little garden creatures, to the company of parents so different from himself.
  13. He rode piggyback on the snail and danced with the ladybirds. Tiny as he was,
  14. he had great fun in the world of little things.
  15. But one unlucky day, he went to visit a froggy friend. No sooner had he
  16. scrambled onto a leaf than a large pike swallowed him up. But the pike too was
  17. fated to come to a very bad end. A little later, he took the bait cast by one
  18. of the King's fishermen, and before long, found himself under the cook's knife
  19. in the royal kitchens. And great was everyone's surprise when, out of the
  20. fish's stomach, stepped Tom Thumb, quite alive and little the worse for his
  21. adventure.


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