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DATE: March 31, 2013, 3:12 p.m.

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  1. >have loot od nazadnje da sva špilala (coyote backpack cz in akm osnovni stuff)
  2. >go to cherno loot barns find cz ammo
  3. >oh yea snipe whole mag in ppl have 9 murders
  4. >think go to balota to snipe
  5. >go in the edge of the woods
  6. >find bike OMG fuck yea
  7. >go to nw airfield arive in 10 min
  8. >drive around no1 there
  9. >loot first baracks find ammo box nothing more
  10. >try to loot second baracks agro zombs
  11. >try to vault over fence zombie hits me 1 time die instantly
  12. >new life spawn in solnichy find atv loudfield
  13. >drive over a bridge
  14. >invisible wall launches me in the air die
  15. >spawn in balota loot army camp
  16. >ak 74 1 mag
  17. >go to balota no loot but spend some bulets on zombs
  18. >go to cherno sudenly teleport to debug area
  19. >all other surviviors teleport there to
  20. >masive massacare kill 1 person with half full mag die
  21. >WTF was that?!
  22. >spawn in kamenka fuck lets go to balota
  23. >sudenly teleport back to debug area
  24. >fire fight continues
  25. >drop prone no1 sees me
  26. >loot first dead body near me
  27. >OMG mk 48 3 belts coyote backpack gps nvgs all tools
  28. >alt+F4
  29. >login diffrent server
  30. >loot is still on me open backpack camo svd and 6 mags
  31. >a tear goes down my face

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