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  1. Review of ways to earn bits.
  2. 1 https://coinad.com/?r=I5P91W3E6T95UDG
  3. Coin ad will give great payout depending on how many are advertising the day of I.E today i made .003 BTC just by following the links,its far more effective than any faucet ive come across.
  4. 2 http://freebitco.in/?r=9930
  5. This is a "Faucet" in which you normally get .0000667 bits every hour which is far higher than faucets ive come across,where it holds its own is where you can gamble the money you have to get more. I find the 3x multiplier is best. Dont get cocky and limit yourself to gambling cycles of 3. If you dont win once in that cycle stop and try again after your next pay cycle. The idea is to build your wealth not lose it.
  6. 3
  7. www.goldentowns.com?i=50801
  8. Golden towns offers a unique setup in which playing a game and login on every 3 hours allows you to mine gold which players in game have payed apx 10 dollars for a singe peace in the past. The game further backs its ingame currency with real gold you can trade for.

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