[Method] Make $5+ Auto Per Day With Bitcoin Faucets And URL Shorteners


DATE: Oct. 16, 2016, 10:38 p.m.

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  1. I have found out a fairly decent method of making $5-100 on autopilot by posting URLs to Bitcoin faucets with Paid Shortened URLs.
  2. 1) Go to https://faucetbox.com/en/list/BTC
  3. 2) Find a faucet, then look for the referral information on the page, it looks like this:
  4. https://bitcoinfaucet.com/?r=your_address
  5. Then replace the your_address with your Bitcoin address, this will earn you something like 25% of every payout the faucet gives.
  6. Add this to a txt file and also get the faucets description and the reward amounts.
  7. 3) Sign up for a Paid URL Shortener like Adfly and shorten the link.
  8. 4) Go to the bitcoin forums that allow the posting of faucets and add a post with the faucet you found.
  9. Here are some example forums you can sign up and post to:
  10. http://faucetlove.com (Allows short links)
  11. https://cryptocointalk.com (Referral links only, no short links)
  12. https://bitcoingarden.tk/forum/index.php?board=77.0 (Seems to be referral links only)
  13. https://allcryptotalk.com/index.php?/forum/54-faucets (Seems to be referral links only)
  14. http://cryptomoms.com/forum/get-coins/16/ (Not sure)
  15. You can also post to Pastebin sites:
  16. http://paste4btc.com (Allows short links)
  17. http://pastebin.com (Allows short links)
  18. http://bitbin.it (Allows short links)
  19. If you later check your FaucetBox address you should notice multiple referral earnings. You should also have Adfly earnings every time someone clicks the links for all sites that allow them.
  20. https://faucetbox.com/en/check
  21. Keep doing this every day and after a while you should be earning $5+ per day autopilot. There are a load of other forums and websites that allow posting faucets so you can post to loads of places to earn more.


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