If such incidents happen in your home, then understand that bad times are coming

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  1. If there are some untoward incidents in everyday life, then understand that there are hidden signs of misfortune in it. Garuda Puran has been told about how things can be known first, let's know ...
  2. It is a sign of misfortune if the children of the wealthy, wealth-rich people are retarded.
  3. The person whose wife keeps fighting at the time of the house, should understand that the gate of his fate can never be opened.
  4. If a family member starts to get restless, even if you do not get relief even after doing lakhs of efforts, then you should understand that this is a sign of sacred fate.
  5. If you clean the house, even then the dirt remains, then understand that the arrival of Alkshma is going to arrive.
  6. False people of fate have to be humiliated repeatedly in society.
  7. Repeated miscarriage of the woman in the house
  8. Black ants fall into salted products.
  9. Boiling the milk repeatedly flowing on the ground.
  10. Cluttering of clocks in the house suddenly
  11. Sealan in the west or north-west direction of the house
  12. The guests who came home disappointed and left the house.
  13. After coming home in the auspicious work, the kinars go from house to house.
  14. Injuries of domestic pets or premature deaths
  15. Break the glass or chisel pottery in the house repeatedly snapping.
  16. Despite the regular cleaning of toilet or washroom, the scourge spreads in the house.
  17. The festival of women at the time of festival, festival or worship rituals in the house.

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